Celebrate DOGust First, the Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs!

Celebrate DOGust First, the Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs!

By: Amanda Epley

When dogs show up in animal shelters, the shelter workers often have no way of knowing the dogs’ actual birthdays. Sure, they can estimate the pups’ ages fairly accurately, but they cannot be absolutely certain.

Many families who adopt a dog will celebrate their “Gotcha Day” each year to commemorate when they brought home their new family member. While this day should certainly be recognized, it’s not quite a birthday party. And what about the dogs who are still waiting to find their forever homes? Shouldn’t they get a birthday celebration too?

We think so – and we’re not alone! The first of August is now considered to be the universal birthday for shelter dogs. Today presents the perfect opportunity to celebrate the rescue dogs in your family and your community. By celebrating your rescue dog’s birthday, you are not only giving your pup a little extra love and attention, but you can also help raise awareness about other shelter dogs who are seeking homes.

Here are a few ways you can help honor the rescue dogs in your home and your community:

  1. Spoil your dog with delicious treats.
  2. Give your dog a special new toy.
  3. Take a long walk together.
  4. Have a “puppy party” with other dog owners.
  5. Give back to your local animal shelter.


To help celebrate, all of our gourmet, homemade dog cookies are 25% off today!


We proudly partner with Taj Ma-Hound, a local Atlanta bakery for dogs. Their award-winning cookies are made with an all-natural "PeaMutt Butter" recipe and frosted with yogurt. 

Photo courtesy of Taj Ma-Hound

No matter how your dog became a part of your family, show him or her a little extra love today!

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