Expert Dog Training Workshop with ADZ K9s

Expert Dog Training Workshop with ADZ K9s

Last weekend, we hosted our first collaborative event with ADZ K9s at our store in Sugar Hill. Our guests had the unique opportunity to watch live training demonstrations, talk with the trainers one on one, and learn more about optimal nutrition from our store associates. The event was such a success that we are already planning future events at our other store locations!

ADZ K9s at Red Bandanna Pet Food in Sugar Hill

The Founders of ADZ K9s, Doron and Arlene Zor, are loyal customers of ours in Sugar Hill. We have enjoyed getting to know them and their pets over the years, and we were delighted to host an event to showcase their training expertise.

ADZ K9s at Red Bandanna Pet Food in Sugar Hill

About ADZ K9s

ADZ K9s provides a variety of training solutions to those who are eager to make a commitment to improving their lifestyle with their dogs. From standard obedience training to emergency protection work, Doron and Arlene have helped dog parents overcome behavioral issues and teach their dogs advanced techniques through positive reinforcement. 

ADZ K9s at Red Bandanna Pet Food in Sugar Hill

With over ten years of experience, Doron and Arlene have encountered just about every type of breed and every type of owner. They can create customized training plans that align with the unique personalities and objectives of each owner and dog that participate in their program.

ADZ K9s at Red Bandanna Pet Food in Sugar Hill

Nutrition Consultations

Choosing the right food for your dog is one of the most important decisions you can make as a pet owner. Our store associates can help you find healthy dog food options that are ideal for your dog’s age, breed, weight, energy level, and lifestyle.

Nutrition Consultations at Red Bandanna in Sugar Hill

We advocate a holistic approach to caring for our pets, and we know that every dog is different. It’s truly amazing to see how dogs thrive once they have the right nutrition and training program for them. If you couldn’t make it to this event with ADZ K9s, we hope you can join us at the next one! We will share the upcoming event dates soon.

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