It’s Only Natural: Health Benefits of Premium Cat Food

It’s Only Natural: Health Benefits of Premium Cat Food

By: Beth Redman

We are what we eat. It’s as true for our cats as it is for us.

Commercial Cat Food Issues

Most commercial cat foods are full of by-products and additives like artificial colorings and chemical preservatives that can lead to allergies or other health problems. These foods may smell and look tasty, and your cat may even enjoy them, but they don’t offer much in the way of good nutrition. They often contribute to problems such as diabetes, kidney disease, dental and digestive issues, skin allergies, hairballs, and obesity. Poor-quality cat foods may cost less at the register, but more in veterinary care in the long run.

What “Premium” Means to Us

All cat foods carried by Red Bandanna are made with all-natural, human-grade ingredients, with no by-products or artificial preservatives. We select foods that are rich in antioxidants, probiotics, chelated minerals, and skin and coat conditioners. Our featured brands are also low in ash and magnesium. The health benefits of these premium cat foods include fewer hairballs, lower urinary and stool odor, and less waste in general (which means less litter box scooping).

Cats Don’t Need Carbs

Since cats are obligate carnivores, they don’t need carbohydrates in their diet. These carbohydrates include corn, wheat, soy, rice, barley, and other grains. Carbohydrates can cause unneeded fermentation in a cat’s bowel, which can lead to digestive disorders such as food intolerance, allergies, and inflammatory bowel disease. Some cats can also become diabetic or obese on high-carbohydrate diets 

Top Grain-Free Brands

Red Bandanna offers a variety of low-carbohydrate, grain-free diets. These are some of our high-meat, low-carb diets:



Giving your cat a premium, natural diet may cost more up front, but it’s worth it. Not only will you help prevent unnecessary health issues and discomfort for your cat, but you will have fewer trips to the vet. By feeding your kitty a healthy diet today, you can save on vet bills tomorrow.

For more information on choosing the right diet for your cat, please contact us or visit a store to speak with a pet nutrition expert.


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