Quick Eclipse Tips for Pet Owners

Quick Eclipse Tips for Pet Owners

The much-anticipated cosmic event has arrived, causing many of us to set aside our normal routines and look skyward with our friends and families. If you are preparing to watch the eclipse at home or nearby, please consider keeping your pets indoors with the curtains drawn. 

Here are a few reasons why:

    1. Pets can experience retinal damage from the sun. While it's unlikely that your dog or cat will stare directly at the eclipse, it could happen. Just as you need protective glasses in order to look at the eclipse safely, so do your pets. Since most pets will probably not enjoy wearing glasses for too long, it's best to keep them indoors. 

    2. Animals may become disoriented by the sudden darkness. Pets who are normally kept outdoors may become confused by the unexpected darkness and begin their nighttime rituals. If you normally take your dog for an afternoon walk, consider playing indoors instead or taking your walk 30 minutes after the eclipse. 

    3. If you're viewing the eclipse with a large crowd, all the excitement could be overwhelming for your pet. Plus, you will most likely be distracted and unable to devote your full attention to supervising your pet.

We hope you all have a wonderful time enjoying this truly remarkable event! Don't worry - your pets will forgive you for leaving them at home. 

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