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Helpful Holiday Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Helpful Holiday Safety Tips for Pet Owners 0

By keeping these tips in mind, you can help ensure safe and happy holiday celebrations with your pet.
5 Tips for Proper Pet Food Storage

5 Tips for Proper Pet Food Storage 0

By following these simple steps, you can help ensure the long-term quality and safety of your pet food.
7 Summer Safety Tips for Pet Owners

7 Summer Safety Tips for Pet Owners 0

Summer is in full swing, and for many of us, that means enjoying the sunny days outside with our dogs and cats. While you’re having fun with your furry friends this summer, take these simple precautions to protect your pet from warm weather woes.

  1. Never leave your pets unattended in cars. 

    The temperature inside a parked car can quickly rise to a deadly level for pets, even on mild days. Never leave your pets unattended in a parked car for any amount of time. If you need to run errands that involve getting out of the car, please leave your pets at home. 

  2. Be mindful of hot pavement. 

    When walking your dogs, avoid spending too much time walking on pavement. The temperature of concrete can be uncomfortable and painful for your pets. Try to walk on grassy areas as much as possible, and try to take walks during cooler times of the day. 

  3. Make sure your pets have access to shade outside. 

    If you keep your pets outside for any duration, make sure they have access to shade. Try to limit their time outdoors during the hottest hours of the day. Dogs and cats with flat faces are more susceptible to overheating and should primarily be kept indoors in the summer. 

  4. Provide your pets with plenty of fresh, clean water. 

    Make sure your pets have access to plenty of fresh water, especially on humid days. Watch for signs of dehydration, which include excessive panting, increased heart and respiratory rate, difficulty breathing, mild weakness, and stupor. If your pet shows any of these signs, take him to the vet immediately. 

  5. Don’t leave your pet unattended by a pool. 

    Not all dogs are good swimmers. If you are spending time near a pool or large body of water, never leave your pets unsupervised. 

  6. Keep unscreened windows closed. 

    If you open windows throughout your home, make sure the screens are tightly secured. If you do not have screens, leave your windows closed. Your pet could accidentally fall out of a window and get injured or lost.

  7. Store lawn care products out of reach. 

    Common insecticides can be toxic to pets. Keep all tiki torch oils and citronella candles out of reach. If you use a lawn care service, make sure the maintenance professionals know that you own pets. Pay attention to the time periods in which it may be dangerous for your pet to play on the lawn. If you suspect your pet has ingested a toxic substance, contact your vet immediately.

By keeping these simple safety tips in mind, you can beat the heat and help ensure a pleasant summer for your furry friends.


Summer Safety: Fourth of July Tips for Pet Owners

Summer Safety: Fourth of July Tips for Pet Owners 0

Although Fourth of July traditions can be incredibly enjoyable and relaxing for people, they can be stressful for pets. Firework displays, large social gatherings, hot and humid weather, and typical holiday food can pose safety concerns for our furry friends. While you’re having fun this weekend, remember these tips to keep your pets safe and happy:

  1. NEVER set off fireworks near your pets. 

    Aside from being frighteningly loud, amateur fireworks can be dangerous for curious pets. Your pet could approach a lit firework without knowing the consequences. Unlit fireworks can also be harmful if left unattended, as they contain potentially toxic chemicals and residue. 

  2. If you attend a public fireworks display, leave your pets at home. 

    The combination of being in an unfamiliar setting, in a large crowd, and hearing fireworks unexpectedly can be overwhelming for most animals. If you plan to attend a public fireworks display, leave your pets in a secure place at home. 

  3. If you are entertaining guests, make sure your pets have a safe, secure place to stay. 

    Many pets can get anxious when several people suddenly enter their domain. Also, it’s easy to get distracted as a host while you’re entertaining guests! Make sure your pet has a safe, secure place to stay inside, and ask your guests to help you keep an eye on your animals.
  4. If your pet typically gets anxious during holidays or social events, consider a mild calming therapy. 

    If you know that your pet historically gets anxious during these events, try a mild calming agent to help ease their nerves. Many natural supplements are available to help combat anxiety. Offering your pet a chew toy or bone can also provide a comforting distraction from a chaotic environment. 

  5. Make sure your pet’s ID tags and microchip are up to date. 

    Did you know that Fourth of July Weekend is one of the busiest times of the year for local animal shelters? So many dogs and cats get spooked by fireworks and end up getting separated from their owners. On the off chance that this happens to your pet, make sure that your contact information is completely up to date and accurate on all ID tags and the microchip

  6. Don’t give your pet any “people food” or drinks. 

    While it may be tempting to slip a few table scraps to your pet, it’s best not to share any “people food” with animals. Even if the food is not toxic, it could still cause an upset stomach and discomfort for your pet at a time when most vet’s offices are closed. Alcohol is particularly harmful to pets and should never be consumed under any circumstances. Don’t leave plates or cups unattended. 

  7. Don’t let your pets near a grill while it’s in use or still hot. 

    Chances are, your pets will want to hang out by the grill in an attempt to get food! However, it’s best to keep them as far away as possible from the grill to prevent any burns or consumption of potentially harmful food or chemicals. 

  8. Be mindful of the heat! 

    If the hot weather is uncomfortable for you, it’s definitely uncomfortable for your animals. Make sure your pets can rest inside or in a shady spot outdoors, and make sure they have access to plenty of water to prevent dehydration. 

  9. Don’t use any sunscreen or insect repellant intended for humans on your pets. 

    Products designed for humans can be toxic to animals. If you notice that your pet is struggling in the heat or swatting away bugs, it’s best to keep him inside. 

  10. Clean up thoroughly - especially matches, firework debris, and used sparklers. 

    In addition to cleaning up any leftover food, make sure to check your yard thoroughly for any matches, firework debris, sparklers, or any other remnants that your pet will surely find.

By following these important tips, you can help ensure a fun, safe holiday weekend with all of your loved ones. We hope you and your pets have a wonderful time!